Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Land Before Time (3.5)


1988 Don Bluth film about a group of young dinosaurs who are separated from their families and have to work together to find them.

This will be forever one of my favourite kids movies. I grew up watching this and even though the other 18 or so are horrible (no idea how many there are now, but they seem to keep making more) the first movie is fantastic.

Keep in mind that for a kid, this is a pretty scary film. There is a definite 80s kids movie creepy feeling to the look and feel of it all. The dinos aren't all lovable and at times you wonder if this was really meant for children. It's still highly educational, mostly accurate and touches on a lot of morals. The animation is pretty cool too.

A touching splash of drama with an adventure that ends in survival and reuniting with ones family...brings a tear to your eye.


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