Monday, October 29, 2012

The Raid (4)


2011 action/crime/thriller movie by director Gareth Evans about a SWAT team that becomes trapped after a failed raid attempt on a corrupt building complex and have to fight their way out.

This is definitely one of the best fight/action movies ever. I now understand why people went crazy for this movie at all of the film festivals. The best thing about all of the action is that it never stops. I think there is a total of 20 minutes of this movie where there isn't any fighting. Maybe even less. But each fight is a little different. The people have different styles, weapons and rooms with props...awesome.

I found the soundtrack and effects to be an awesome surprise. Great use of sounds to enhance the scenes but not enough to mask the natural sounds of breathing and vocal grunts, etc.

Unfortunately, the only copy of this I could find was an English dubbed version. I hate dubbed movies because I find that the original actors emotions come out in their voices and when you have a group of people standing in a room reading off a script it just isn't the same. This is especially true for action movies.

The story isn't actually that bad. The ending wasn't lame and while the script was purposefully creating action it didn't seem unnecessary or over done. To be honest, this was some of the best hand to hand and over all fighting I have ever seen. Choreography was amazing. Blew my mind.

If you like action and/or fight movies you will love this.

Bonus: Hats off to Iko Uwais.


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