Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2)


This 2012 romcom by director Kirk Jones looks at the lives of different women and couples at different times of pregnancy.

Intense cast: Cameron Diaz (My Sister's Keeper), Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks (Our Idiot Brother), Anna Kendrick (50/50), Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock (Grown Ups), Matthew Morrison...and so many more.

I just...I can't like these types of chick flick movies. I tried. I honestly gave it a chance. There were a lot of good actors and they did a decent job but I just don't like these types of romcoms. I can't relate and when I can I don't find it very realistic.

Script was what it was. Chris Rock was hilarious. So was Dennis Quaid. Actually, there were a lot of funny moments in this movie but I found that all of them happened due to the men in the movie and not the ladies.

Watch the trailer. If you think you will like it you probably will. If you watch the trailer and think it's stupid then you won't like it.

I would give it a 1 but there was some good comedy tucked in there but not enough to make the movie  recommendable.


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