Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cellular (3)


2004 action/crime/drama movie by director David R. Ellis. A woman is kidnapped but wires a broken phone to call a young man's cellhpone. He is her only hope to save her family and catch the people who did this to them.

I am on a Chris Evans (Puncture, What's Your Number) kick so I thought I would go back and watch one of his earlier movies. I liked watching him in this movie because it really shows how much he has been improving and expanding his skill. He handled the action quite well and I thought he was great in this role. He wasn't as well rounded as in his current films but he has had 8 years since.

Kim Basinger was okay. A bit one dimensional but when you spend 80% of a movie in the same room it can be hard to be anything else.

Jason Statham is Jason Statham as Jason Statham (Killer Elite). But he always is and he really works as a bad guy with a gun so who am I to complain?

This was a decent action movie. I would really suggest it to someone but if it was on and I wanted to watch an action movie I would watch it without regrets.

After thought: I really do not like the title of this movie. No idea why...

Bonus: William H. Macy.


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