Sunday, November 4, 2012

Femme Fatale (2.5)


2002 crime/mystery by director Brian De Palma.

A con-woman begins to slowly unravel as he life takes many turns in the wrong direction.

This just wasn't my style of movie. I respect the style and the story but I didn't like the characters or overly care about anything that was happening. A large part of this film had me rolling my eyes and/or wondering why they felt the need to go as far as they did with certain aspects of certain characters.

I will admit that, while I wasn't completely surprised that what was happening wasn't what was really happening, I still thought that the subtle hints and switch back was well done. I also liked how everything came together at the end and the characters worked themselves out.

Rebecca Romijn was amazing though even if her character didn't necessarily appeal to me. Antonio Banderas (Haywire, Puss in Boots) was good in this role as well.

A good watch with an original script. If you like strange or off beat movies you may like this. Just be prepared to be a bit perplexed by the sexual atmosphere and the insane main character.


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