Monday, November 26, 2012

Legends of the Fall (4)


Director Edward Zwick brings us the tale of three brothers in this 1994 epic drama.

What a great cast: Brad Pitt (Moneyball), Anthony Hopkins (Thor), Aidan Quinn and Julia Ormond. All were great but Pitt was absolutely fantastic. He made me cry so many times during this movie. That jerk.

This film is beautiful. Watching it just for the scenery is worth it. I guess that's why it won the Oscar for best cinematography.

I thought they over did it with the soundtrack sometimes. I never agree that boosting the music when something drama happens makes the scene any more emotional or intense. On the contrary, I find it distracting and it takes me out of the movie. People are still doing it though - it has become a staple for dramas I suppose.

There were definitely some cheesy scenes. There were a handful of riding in the sunset type of shots but that was just a part of this movie. The background was amazing so I can't complain.

All in all, this is a great drama with a good script, an excellent cast and more epicness than I thought could fit inside a 2 hour window. The beginning was rough around the edges and there were some dips and dives along the way but ultimately it's a good movie. Anything that can make me cry even though I don't want to deserves a watch.

Another movie that is hard to rate. This movie was perfect at times but would be corny the next. I did laugh at some serious parts because of that...and the romance is very 90s romance (if you know what I mean). Pitt was great and so was Hopkins...


For the ultimate in epic and the unwanted tears.

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