Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's Your Number (3.5)


Director Mark Mylod brings us this 2011 romcom about a woman who becomes obsessed with tracking down her ex's after realizing that she is 1 number away from never being a bride.

This movie was exactly what I wanted. A solid romcom with the perfect amount of sexy man, cuteness and humour. What this one had that most do not was an almost perfect balance between the 3. It wasn't so much a chick flick that I wanted to throw up. It wasn't too much humour to ruin the romance. And it was all the right amount of [sexy as hell] Chris Evans to keep the girls swooning until kingdom come.

Besides being suddenly the most attractive man on earth, Chris Evans (Puncture, Captain America) handled the comedy aspect of his role really well. I was also happy to re-notice that he is a multi-talented actor. I liked him. He's a triple treat - in terms of acting. I mean, I think it was him singing and playing guitar, but I am not sure how his dance moves are...

Anna Faris (House Bunny) is funny and cute but other than that I thought she was pretty one dimensional. I know I shouldn't expect the best from a romcom but I do hope to see the ability to switch from happy to sad without it seeming forced and I saw some forceful emotions my friends.

I wasn't sure how to think of the plot but it actually ends up being pretty hilarious and entertaining.

Great romcom. Perfect for a before bed movie. Just enough emotion to make it interesting and humour to keep you entertained with a healthy dose of laughter to bring it all home. Made my girl heart happy.

Bonus: The cameo's from all of the ex's. Jokes.


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