Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life of Pi (4)


This is a wonderful yet surreal story of a spiritual journey like no other: One man and one tiger on a life boat together at sea trying to survive.

Ang Lee makes beautiful films and this was one of the most amazing so far. Seeing this movie just to SEE it is worth it. So beautiful. So awe inspiring and captivating. Some scenes left me speechless.

Suraj Sharma was great in the role of Pi. I was afraid that the tiger wouldn't seem realistic during some scenes but they did a really great job with the tiger.

It wasn't that it wasn't exciting, because it was. The story is incredible. It wasn't that it wasn't interesting, because it was beyond interesting. What Pi goes through and how he survives is beyond belief. It's just that I found that the movie didn't capture my heart and soul like the book did. I am not sure why (as it stayed very true to the book) but I felt like something was missing the entire time.

An amazing adventure and very stunning.


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