Monday, December 3, 2012

Ted (3)


A 2012 comedy feature film by Seth MacFarlane about a boy who wishes for his teddy bear to be his best friend forever...and his wish comes true.

I put off seeing this moving because I was one of the few people who found nothing funny at all about the trailer and felt that therefore the entire movie would be pretty lame. It turns out that everything I thought was funny was not in the trailer.

While it wasn't nearly as hilarious as it claimed to be the movie wasn't actually that bad. It was average in my books. There was comedy but it was limited. There were some really great moments that made watching the movie worth while. Ultimately though, I feel as if this movie is very forgettable.

Mark Wahlberg is pretty much just Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter) but he suited this role so there's that. I like Mila Kunis (Black Swan) but her character didn't really make me feel anything, good or bad.

I enjoyed the narrator. That was a great idea. I liked the story in general actually but they ruined it by adding too many corny make up moments and not enough comedy to wrap around them.

If you see the trailer and laugh you will like this.

Bonuses: Ryan Reynolds (Safe House) and Giovanni Ribisi.


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