Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Bonfire of the Vanities (2)


1990 comedy/drama by director Brian De Palma (Femme Fatale).

After a wealthy man hits a young black man with his car his life begins to unravel before his eyes.

You would think that a movie starring Tom Hanks (Cloud Atlas) AND Bruce Willis (Moonrise Kingdom) would be sure to be amazing but it is not the case sadly.

I think the main issue is that this movie is not a comedy. If it is it's a dark comedy that is written poorly. The fact that it is from the 90s is no excuse this time around - it's just not a very good movie.

Bruce Willis is the narrator and you think that the story is all about him but it's really about Tom Hanks but there is still all this attention on Bruce Willis is boring. Not the actors faults at all. The script didn't flow well and it wasn't funny. The few funny bits were only mildly funny for a few seconds and the rest of the time I was wondering when they were going to bring everything together.

I understand what they were trying to do and the idea behind the story could've been much much better but it didn't work. The movie is meh.


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