Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Les Misérables (3.5)


2012 musical based on the award winning play by director Tom Hooper.

Man. I really wanted to like this movie. I really enjoy the play even though I normally hate musicals so I was looking forward to it on the big screen with such an amazing cast...

Sadly, it just doesn't work on the big screen. This script is meant to be seen on stage and in person. The cast was amazing but there was nothing they could do - the screen created an emotional disconnect that just ruined all connection to the characters.

Pleasant surprises: all of the children in the movie, Eddie Redmayne and Russel Crowe. Who would'a though Russel could sing? He was good too. Even though his singing face was funny at times.

Obvious awesomeness: Anne Hathaway and her amazing vocals and my unmoving love for Hugh Jackman. Amazing.

Let downs: the movie was consistently boring. I tried so hard to keep interested and fought to pay attention and to feel emotional but it didn't happen. It was well done and the movie was beautiful but it didn't work for me on the big screen. Everything that was good was because of the amazing story and not because the movie was anything special.

The actors deserve the awards they win and the nominations they receive but the movie itself is a let down. I feel like if I hadn't have seen it on stage that I would've loved it more but that's not the case.

The ending still makes my chest go tight and my heart burst, so that's a plus.

Bonus: Sacha Baron Cohen.


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