Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lincoln (4)


2012 award winning drama by Steven Spielberg looks into the life of Lincoln during the Civil War and his push for the vote on the 13th amendment to end slavery.

Daniel Day-Lewis is the main reason for seeing this film. Yes, the scenes are well done and the script looks at this part of his life in a new way but his performance was amazing. I honestly forgot that he was not Lincoln for most of the movie. So well done.

Supporting cast was stacked full and really fell into their roles. Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black 3The Sunset Limited), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Hesher, Premium Rush), Sally Field, etc...everyone is in this movie. All well casted.

I guess I was hoping for something a little more epic. I was expecting more war scenes and yelling matches and intensity. I need to watch it again now because I know I would like it more knowing it's more of a look into the man himself and the vote for the 13th amendment and less about a deeper look into the different battles.

My main issue is that they didn't show his assassination. I'm not sure why they decided to show the public response to this rather than showing the very last moments of Lincoln's life. I suppose it was a way of taking a new take on the whole thing.

Overall a good movie. It's a drama through and through. The supporting cast was amazing and Daniel Day Lewis was at the top of his game. Which means he was perfection. 


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