Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sinister (2.5)


2012 horror by director Scott Derrickson. A washed out writer gets the story of his career, but at what cost?

This movie was obvious from the start. I could call all the major twists and turns within the first 10 mins. It also felt like they were heavily borrowing from a lot of other horror movies. It was less scary and more of a thriller. They got me once with a good scare but other than that I was laughing at the scary parts.

I did like the whole cult and deity aspect of the movie. The kids made it extra creepy. The home videos also added a good creep factor. The music was interesting and annoying a lot of the times. That seems to be the American horror way though - pumped up the audio to add tension and suspense. It covers any natural sounds so I didn't like it.

I was looking forward to seeing Ethan Hawke in a horror movie and he did a decent job but the movie in general was a meh.

You classic America horror movie. Good for a late night watch for some creepy kids but I wouldn't watch it again.


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