Monday, February 18, 2013

Battleship (2.5)


2012 action/sci-fi by director Peter Berg. An alien race lands on earth and try to take over.

I started to watch this while I was eating as I thought it would be total garbage and I could just shut it off. What ended up happening is that I got interested even though I was laughing at the corny lines and obvious action the entire time.

The aliens were interesting to me. I liked their weapons and machinery - very cool. They also did a good job of having a bunch of different characters which kept things sort of interesting in general but entertaining over all.

The acting was pretty terrible and it was cheesy. Taylor Kitsch (Savages) was decent enough and Alex Skarsgard was okay. Rihanna was Rihanna in a movie.

It was entertaining though, oddly enough. I enjoyed it but I would never tell anyone to watch it...unless they were eating soup like me and waiting around for people to come over.

Random: Liam Neeson (Unknown).


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