Thursday, February 7, 2013

End of Watch (3.5)


2012 crime/drama by director David Ayer takes us into the world of two cops - partners and friends - in LA.

This movie got a lot of good reviews following the Toronto International Film Festival for it's new look into the world of law enforcement. The use of handheld cameras brings the audience into the first person perspective and knocks down the fourth wall. You don't only becomes a part of their world, their world becomes a part of you during the movie.

The script is a bit jumbled at times. There isn't really much of a sense of time which could be confusing at times. Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Love and Other Drugs) and Michael Pena worked really well together. Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) was a great bonus.

This film really opens up and consumes you around the half way mark and all the way to the ending. At this point onward I can see why it got so many good reviews and was the talk of the town for weeks. My heart was racing. My palms were sweating. I was worried and emotional and the suspense was almost too much.

Takes awhile to warm you up but once it does this movie is quite amazing and original. Everyone involved did an amazing job.


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