Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Son of No One (2)


A new cop is being haunted by his past but has no idea who could know his deepest secret. 2011 crime/drama by director Dito Montiel.

I knew this movie wasn't going to be fantastic once I saw that Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street, Magic Mike) was the lead. While his acting was much better in this movie than I have ever seen before, he still couldn't quite work with the drama portion of this film.

Al Pacino is amazing but over the last few years he is just Al Pacino in a suit being Al Pacino in a different movie. I could not stand Katie Holmes. She was terrible in this movie. Made my head hurt.

The story was interesting which was the main reason that I finished watching it. It made you think but didn't go as deep as I thought it could have. I figured part of the ending way way before it happened but that seems to be the case with the majority of these types of movies.

It was decent but I would never have watched it if something else was on. Nor would I tell anyone to watch it but I don't entirely want my hour and a half back.


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