Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Vow (3)


2012 romance/drama by director Michael Sucsy about a man who fights for his wife even though she doesn't remember who he is after a tragic car accident.

While I am still not convinced that Channing Tatum (The Son of No One) can act, he did suit this role very well. I will give him that. Rachel McAdams (Morning Glory) also fit her character really well and I felt the chemistry between the both.

I wanted to loath this movie but it was very bearable. I only rolled my eyes 3 times which is pretty good for a chick flick. I liked that it was based on true events and that they included a photo of the actual couple at the end (oops, spoilers...not really. bwahaha).

If you like chick flicks you should check this out. The only bad things about it are all the things that chick flicks always do: predictable ending, slight over acting during any or all heightened emotional scenes, cheesy and cliche backdrops/lines/cute smile giggles....etc.

Definitively watchable.


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