Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Paperboy (3.5)


2012 Lee Daniels thriller about a journalist who returns to his home town to try to prove the innocence of a man on death row.

I will admit that this movie was not really my style. I found the first half pretty boring with hints of disgust and I wasn't as blown away by the cinematography as I knew I should've been. Just not my kind of thing I guess.

The script was a bit too all over the place for my liking. I loved the characters but I found that the way they were introduced and in what way a bit careless. I suppose that would once again be the style they were going for...

Zac Efron (Charlie St. Cloud) was good. I actually liked Nicole Kidman (Just Go With It) for most of it which is more than I can say for the majority of her films (especially recently). I've never really liked Matthew McConaughey (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) but he seemed to suit this role really well.

I will never look at John Cusack (The Raven) the same way again. He completely blew everyone else out of the water in this beyond creepy role. He haunts my waking life...seriously. What the hell! Seeing this movie just to see him  is worth it. Or not worth it if you want to keep going on liking him.

The script was meh. The first bit was meh. The ending is not anything I was expecting and had be balled up in my seat with my hands over my mouth to stop from verbalizing my shock and repulsion. Insane.

Check it out if you watch the trailer and are even remotely interested as the ending is worth it. And John Cusack. And Zac Efron in not a lot of clothing.


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