Monday, April 8, 2013

Trance (4)


An art auctioneer steals a painting for a group of criminals and forgets where he put it and seeks the aid of a hypnotist to find out where. But what is real and what is in their heads starts to become the same story...or is it?

The more I think about this movie and explain it to other people the more I realize that I really liked it.

At first I wasn't sure. I liked how you could sense the ending but the finer details were still a surprise. I liked the layers. I liked the cast. I did not like the very ending and think it was unnecessary but that's my biggest complaint.

James McAvoy, as always, was great. Personal bias there...especially with the one or two [bonus] bum shots in there. *cough* Anywho, I thought he was great in this role and when he went from good guy to bad and worse and worse you could not only see it in his face but actually feel the change. Amazing.

Vincent Cassel was amazing in this role. I need to start paying closer attention to his career because I like him in everything that I have seen him in so far. Solid performance. Rosario Dawson was great as well...lots of nudity...whoa.

Like the script. I am still not sure how I feel about Danny Boyle's decision to start the film with removing the forth wall aka. talking straight to the audience. I liked it at first until 15-30 minutes in when they stop doing it and never do it again. If you take that wall down you need to keep it up. Didn't really make a difference once things started to get rolling but it was a bit distracting to go from being a part of the movie to being cut off later on.

Check it out. It's not as mind blowing as you probably want it to be but it's still full of surprises, suspense and utter chaos.


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