Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Art of Flight (5)


2011 documentary by Curt Morgan.

This is easily one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

I do not snowboard, nor do I particularly enjoy winter sports but this movie had me from start to finish. I found it interesting, thrilling, funny and fantastic. What a ride! Beautifully filmed and brilliantly captures the lives of these crazy folk (that's right, I said folk).

While it is all about snowboarding I liked how they showed the friendships and explained the regions as well. I liked how they spoke of it being an adventure thing and not a adrenaline junky thing - something I think that is easier to understand and relate to.

I loved it. I would watch it again at any moment. I honestly cannot think of anything about it that I didn't like.

The music is a bonus as well.


The Iceman (3.5)


2012 directed by Ariel Vromen.

Based on the true story of a mass murderer in America who was finally arrested in 1986.

Michael Shannon (to me) is one of those actors who has always been amazing but took a bit of time to work up to me for no reason. I suppose it more has to do with remembering him in all his different roles over the years and let me tell you that seeing him in this role will make it impossible to forget him now. The way he went from normal, slightly scary guy to absolute insanity in an instant on screen gave me chills. I forgot that he wasn't this cold blooded killer.

Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, Winona Ryder and all the supporting cast were great but no one really made up for Michael Shannon. He was just too good.

The movie was interesting and at some times exciting and bone chilling but over all I just couldn't get into it. I liked watching it and think it is a good movie but the fourth wall stayed up for me. I am not sure why. In all honesty this is my style of film but it just didn't hit home.

Check it out if you like the trailer. The fact that it is based on a true story adds another level of horror and amazement to it all.

(mostly for Michael Shannon's performance)

The Great Gatsby (4)


Let's just sum this up nice and quick and clean:

Leonardo DiCaprio was brilliant.
Tobey Maguire was amazing.
Carey Mulligan was fantastic.
Joel Edgerton was awesome.

Baz Lurhmann did this movie right. While the beginning seemed all over the place, once the pace was set it was less distracting and added the right amount of suspense at the right times. The ending still took my breath away - just like the book. They followed it really well and I have no complaints there at all.

Costumes were mind meltingly lovely. Settings were perfect. Just...just, amazing.

Watching it just for Leonardo alone is worth it though.

The only issue I had with this movie was the music. I really didn't like it at first. Then...after the first hour I understood what they were doing there. It was nice to see them try to make it modern in some way but still keep the story intact. I think when I watch it again that I will like the music.

See it.

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