About Me

My name is Shannon and I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I work in theatre production and events management in this grand city but have always had a soft spot for film.

As I try to find my way in the world I find myself turning more and more towards film for entertainment, expression, education, creativity, humour and escape. My life isn't always stressful or unbearable but movies are my time to relax and put my troubles behind me for those precious 2(ish) hours.

I watch all films. I'll watch romantic comedies, westerns and old musicals. I'll pop in an action film then watch a documentary. I just love movies. I love going to see movies and discussing movies. I am in no way educated in film and I don't know any fancy terms or techniques - I just know what I like.

I don't take my opinions that seriously but they are mine. I am bias. How can you discuss why you did or did not like something and not be bias?

I just like good movies.

If there's a movie you want me to review just launch me a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for stopping by!

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